Servant of God the mark of true calling of GOD WAS ALL OVER IN YOU. It is undeniable because the prayers you made for my wife. She has been treated in three major hospital when you came she had been referred to the national hospital last in Kenya. If doctors in this hospital fail you either go to US or rely on a miracle or you die. But you know what when we held our hands and then you prayed that short but powerful prayer my wife became whole the same day. I thank God for sending you to us at like that in our life. May He add more anointing in your life.

However man of God I just want to register my heartfelt vote of thanks unto God and unto you for having given you an opportunity to minister in our Church during the transformation conference. Never before had we been blessed in such a manner. It has left us as a Church and the entire community wondering at the visitation of the Lord during your ministration of the word. The man who was healed from Epilepsy still strongly rooted and waiting on the Lord as he rejoices. God's miracles can't be reversed. The two families which had been in shambles are now at peace. The church has increased spiritually and numerically. Those who had financial problems Lord has supplied in a mighty manner. May the almighty God bless you mightily. Leadership is more stronger from your teachings.
The teachings on Clarity of Vision and Purpose and the Ten Traits of a Champion have gone along way into encouraging many Pastors and Church Leaders who attended the sessions. Many Pastors are really inspired and encouraged to fight on. Miracles and signs and wonders were experienced in this meetings as well. For example, in Eldoret a woman by the name Lydia was completely healed of her chronic headache that had persisted for several months. In Soy, a woman by the name Beatrice was instantly healed of HIV/AIDS after prayer. A witchdoctor called Edwin, was completely delivered and witchcraft paraphernalia  were burnt in the presence of us all. Another man called Ken, was spiritually restored after God used you by word of knowledge to speak about a person who was present in the meeting who was being tormented by guilt and condemnation. You did not just preach, but literally poured out your lives and hearts into this mission. You have Imparted so many lives beyond what we can just write in this short report.
I just finished reading your email for today, I know that God allowed you both to be in my life for a reason. I read your emails daily I must say that this was an anointed word from God sent for me via email . This was what I really needed to hear at this time in my life. I just wanted to let you both know that God is using you both at this appointed time to impact many lives in the body of Christ.
These teachings are so powerful, encouraging and edifying. May the Lord give you more revelation and insights into His word as you keep up the commitment to reaching out with the Teachings to His people on daily basis.

Believe it or not you have ministered to my wife, she was almost giving up. God bless you.
Dear Wallace and Janice: Warmest greetings from Cuba. Down here people are still commenting about your message in our church. Thank you so much for bringing up the Word. I hope you had a safe trip back. Your servant in Christ always: Ivan and Sad

Testimony of Raven Miller of Emory, Texas

I want to tell y'all what the Lord has done!!!!!!

I started a new job at a nursing home a week ago.  After just one week of work, my supervisor told me that she had put in a request that I get a raise and more hours but was told that until my thirty day probationary period was over I couldn't have it.  OK - Get Ready.....The very next day my supervisor came and found me and said: "Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you...they upped your pay!!!!
Hallelujah!!!!  She then told me:  "You are too good of an employee and I cannot afford to lose you".

How awesome is God!!!!!!!!!  I had been praying that God was showing me how to do my job the right way and that his light was shining and it was!!!!!  I am so excited!!!!!  I just wanted to share because we need to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to be in Faith.


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